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Puppy Wish is Powered by Social Worker and Volunteers

Mallory wished to have a puppy PHOTO: Catherine Clay Photography

Our family is grateful to the kind folks of Make-A-Wish, and all of their generous donors...

It was a sudden shift that left an entire family in freefall. A life revolving around Girl Scouts, volleyball, tennis and gymnastics morphed into a struggle for survival. Chemotherapy and a long list of medication and other therapies became the new focus of Mallory’s life.

Even with her family’s constant support, the treatment regime took its toll. Mallory was in a constant state of discomfort, and she felt isolated from her friends and her old life.

Eight months after she was diagnosed, though, there was a positive change in her life. Mallory’s social worker referred her for a Make-A-Wish® experience; healthcare professionals like social workers often refer children because they know that wishes can improve their patients’ emotional health.

When Mallory was approved, Loan and Linda became her wish granters. They started visiting her to figure out what wish was closest to her heart. They opened a world of possibilities that seemed impossible before Loan and Linda visited.

Deciding on a Wish

Mallory dreams of many things, like going on a cooking show and meeting her favorite chef, or maybe even learning to surf in Hawaii.

With all the possible wishes she could make, Mallory needs some help whittling her options down. Loan and Linda did what so many wish-granting volunteers have done over the years: They listened, they asked questions, they connected. Talking with them helped Mallory realize the perfect wish: a Maltipoo puppy that she would name MayBelle Twix.

A Day in With the Family

Mallory’s wish was a quiet, family-centered one, so it’s only fitting that she wanted a small party at home to welcome her new puppy. To prepare for her “puppy shower,” she took a trip to the pet store. She stocked up on all the essentials any pet owner needs, like a comfy bed, some cute toys and plenty of treats. MayBelle Twix was going to be one pampered pooch!

Mallory invited family, close friends, her wish granters, and her pediatric oncologist, who brought his own dog so the new puppy has someone to play with. Festive decorations added celebratory flair, along with a cake, party favors and cute costumes for the puppy. The best part is, when Mallory saw MayBelle Twix for the first time, she looks just like Mallory imagined!

Mallory’s Maltipoo is sure to be a wonderful friend as her owner continues her treatments. Loan believes the wish will have a real impact going forward, saying, “The beauty of this wish is that it’s not about the size of the wish but about the size of the heart behind it. Love is infinite and so is the power of a wish.”

Mallory’s mom, Stacy, couldn’t be more ecstatic. “Our family is grateful to the kind folks of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and all of their generous donors, for making our little warrior’s wish come true!”

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